Randy Moore Sr. (President), Mark Sylvester (Vice President), Blaine Schepp (Treasurer), Travis Lhotak (Secretary)
Fox Valley Metro Disc Golf Club
The Fox Valley Metro Disc Golf Club was officially brought together on November 16, 2006 by Aaron Scott, to promote the sport
of disc golf in the Oswego/Aurora area. The club hosted its first tournament (The Ice Bowl) on January 27, 2007 at Jericho Lake.

Randy Moore Sr. was elected the Club President the following year. With renewed focus on the home courses & local competition
(leagues & bag tags) the club more than doubled its membership in 2008. Randy Sr was re-elected as President for the 2009 season.
The website was designed by Abelardo Arenas.
If you have any questions, comments, suggestions,
Randy Moore Sr.
Aaron Scott
Benton Lindquist
Tyler Williams
Tom Frediani
Jason Poole
Chris Gonzalez
Ben Loftus
Adam Camp
Ron Miller
Erick Henrickson
Randy Moore Jr.
Trevor Pigney
John Knudson
Ken Clow
Glenn Gruenke
Ed Glatt
Zac Montrose
Tony Pajot
Mike Isabell
Mike Conlee
Mark Sylvester
Joe Pearson
Brandon Zyles
Mike Krupicka
Blaine Schepp
Scott Pitner
Tim Green
John Cleaveland
Ivan Lightfoot
Casey Mann
Thomas Bastian Jr.
Dahlton Schepp
Tony Maierhofer
Memberships are available for a donation of $15.

If you wish to join, please email any of the Officers, by clicking on the name
above. Or you can send them a personal message on the forum, by
registering an account, and clicking on the name of any of the Moderators.

By becoming a member you will have a voice in the direction the club takes
to improve the local courses and promote disc golf in the Oswego, Aurora,
Fox Valley area.

With every membership, you receive a 2009 Bag Tag, a Fox Valley Metro
stamped mini-marker, invitations to club-members only events, end of year
parties & club outings, a chance to help defend Fox Valley against other
Illinois clubs at Club Challenges, and other fun stuff.

If you choose not to become a member, feel free to still use the forum to
communicate with other disc golfers in the area. You don't have to be a
member to join in and play a round with everyone posting on the forum.
New players are always welcome!
please send them to abelardoarenas@foxvalleymetrodiscgolfclub.com.

Or you can also send me a message on the forum by clicking my name.
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2009 Members
Natalie Hemphill
Wes Lindquist
Cheryl Smick
Tom Bastian Sr.
Christie Schepp
Larry Leonardi
Kathy Leonardi
Daniel Heckelsberg
Mike Kutella
Danny Rygh
Tree (Gary Camp)
Abe Arenas
Ken Close
John Tiffany
Trevor Austin
Todd Florence
Megi Bastian
Chad Gullickson
Brian Tyska
Roman Korol
Jeremy Nelson
Spike Walker
Travis Lhotak
Brenden King
Randy Stiles
Allen Hermosillo
Bryan Marcotte
Jason Gordon
Robert Leonardi
Vincent Moceri
Adam Ross
Eric Johns
Jason Rose
Dylan Lhotak
The 2009 Officers are: